MyLowesLife is the official portal launched by Lowe’s a decade back. This portal is working as a lifeline to both; the current and the former employees at the Lowe’s.

According to reports of 2017, Lowe’s hasĀ  700 franchise stores all over the world, and in more than 40 states. You must be surprised to know that more than 10,000 employees are employed at the MyLowesLife. MyLowesLife is loved by customers all over the world for its great quality of the services. You must be surprised to know that Lowe’s has more than 40K products finish accompanied by some great customer service.

My Lowe’s Life is a portal that has kept itself updated with the technology at regular intervals. This portal helps employees, workers, teams, and other members of the organization to enhance the quality of their performance when working with clients. When you sign in to the official website, you can access this portal to check your daily work schedules, business emails, benefits, business transfers. MyLowesLife is an official portal that allows the customers to check their 401(K) plans at regular intervals.

MyLowesLife Catch-up

You can also get an additional amount of $6000, in case you are 50 years or older. This plan is well-termed as a Catch-up contribution.

Catch-up Advantages

  • The only thing you need to decide is the amount. Rest, MyLowesLife will take care of the reductions.
  • Please note that it is not at all compulsory to pay federal taxes on your contributions. Taxes are only levied only on cash withdrawals.
  • MyLowesLife gives you the full authority to decide any sort of flexible contribution plan.
  • MyLowesLife gives you the opportunity to invest now, and save a handsome amount for the future.
  • Also, the investments in MyLowesLife are extremely safe. Even, if you leave the job, it will have no effect on the MyLowesLife contributions.