Former Employees

MyLowsLife portal can be easily accessed at the official MyLowesLife website on MyLowesLife portal is compatible with any browser.

When you visit the MyLowesLife portal for the first time, the first thing you need to do is submit your “Sales ID” number and the “password”. If you are a former employee, a separate link is provided on the MyLowesLife portal.

It is understandable that with these many employees, it is hard for the MyLowesLife portal to manage them. Thus, is one of the most efficient tools for Lowe’s to manage them.

MyLowesLife Former Employees

MyLowesLife has made sure that no former employee is deprived of the benefits that are being provided to the current employees. MyLowesLife understands that without the former employees, Lowe’s would have nowhere. Thus, they provide each and every benefit to the former employees of Lowe’s.

All the current and the former employees of the Lowe’s just adores the MyLowe’s Life portal. Sustainable development, and moving forward with everyone is the ultimate goal of the Lowe’s/

Thus, no matter you are a current employee or the former, it is strongly recommended to register yourself on, and avail of all the benefits provided by the MyLowesLife portal.

Some of the MyLowesLife benefits are:

  1. Catch-up
  2. Health-care
  3. 401(K) plans
  4. Pension plans