Frequently Asked Questions

Lowe’s always strives to make the life of the employees serving it easy. For the same purpose, they have launched the MyLowesLife Employee portal which allows the employees to check some general information on a regular basis. In case, you face any sort of issues, you can contact the Lowe’s customer care without any hesitation. Also, have a look at the FAQ give below. Chances are high that you might get the answer to your queries on the sport from here:

What is the MyLowesLife Employee portal?

MyLowesLife is an employee portal that has been launched by the Lowe’s for their employees. This portal allows the employees to check the details like schedule, paystubs, etc. Also, it allows the employees to change the schedule in case of any sort of emergency. MyLowes’s Life Login portal can be accessed on the official website at You need to register there first, as only after that you can have access to this portal.

How is the MyLowesLife portal useful to me?

My Lowe’s Life is one of the most efficient tools for all Lowe’s current and former employees. Using this platform, a Lowe’s employee is able to monitor the things like schedule, trade/change shifts, read work-related emails, manage benefits, paychecks, and much other information related to his job.

Also, it allows the employees to check the vacancies at Lowe’s.

Employees can also check the benefits to which they are entitled. There are many like health benefits, dental insurance, pension plans, etc.