Lowe’s was established by Lucius Smith Lowe 70 years ago in 1946 in North Wilkesboro, Northern California. Even after a long period of seven decades, the company provides its customers with the same high-quality service and the trust and love of the customers towards Lowe’s is increasing every day. Also, Lowe’s strives to enhance the quality of the services every day. MyLowesLife portal has made the life of Lowe’s employees easy to a great extent.

Signing in to the MyLowesLife portal

If you are an employee at the Lowe’s then most probably you don’t want to miss the benefits offered by the MyLowesLife Login portal. MyLowe’s Life allows the employees to monitor their schedules, check their payrolls, and change the schedule if needed.

It also informs the employees about the benefits they are entitled to. Things, like changing your direct deposit details, updating your dependency list (for performance management), and collecting past pay stubs, would require calls or visits to Lowe’s Human Resources offices. But thanks to the MyLowesLife portal, you can do these things from almost anywhere, anytime (DIY).

What are the requirements to access MyLowesLife Portal?

Like any other portal, there are some requirements to access the MyLowesLife Portal. Have a look at them below:

  1. You must be a current or former employee of the Lowe.
  2. You must have your Employee Identification Number.
  3. Also, Lowes’s password is needed to access the portal.
  4. You must have a computer, laptop, or a mobile phone with an active and stable internet connection.